Apache Junction's State-Of-the-Art Laundromat

    725 W. Apache Trail

    Apache Junction, Arizona 85120

Near Frontier Ace Hardware

Phelps & Apache Trail

Open Every Day 6:00am - 8:00pm

Last Wash at 7:00pm


Bright, Ultra Clean & Air-Conditioned

(480) 359-3964

Always staffed with well-trained helpful people who want to make getting your laundry done as painless as possible

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Superstition Laundry in Apache Junction, AZ


Superstition Express Laundromat is a state of the art laundry that is ultra clean, air conditioned and staffed with helpful associates who want to make getting your laundry chores done as painless as possible. All of our equipment is made in the USA!


•20, 30 & 50 lb front load machines

•80 lb machines for big loads

•(8) Top-load washing machines for your convenience

•Machines spin at twice the rate of ordinary washers

•(34) 50 lb Dryers

•Dryers use double the air flow of your time is cut in half

•Utility tub available

•Laundry soaps & accessories available

•EASY-CARD System - No quarters needed!

•Drop off & Fold Service - Best in Town!

•Business & Commercial accounts available

Dear Superstition Laundry,

I love going to Superstition Laundry in Apache Junction! I get my large items done quickly and the place is always super clean! The staff is pretty friendly and I really like using a card instead of coins!

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